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   California Driver Rehabilitation is a specialized program designed to help each client based on their independent capabilities and diagnosed medical condition. Our program consists of a two-part comprehensive evaluation to determine which vehicle modification or adaptive equipment would be suitable for each client specifically. To start the program a physician prescription or referral is required. After we are then able to move forward to the first part, the clinical evaluation. Where our client's vision, cognition, and movement will be tested. Before the second portion, an equipment assessment will be offered to determine which equipment would be the safest and best option. Where the adaptive equipment will be fitted, adjusted as needed, and thoroughly explained. The second portion of the comprehensive evaluation will be the behind-the-wheel evaluation. A reassessment of driving skills with the adaptive equipment so that clients and their families can be assured they are comfortable and driving safely.




The clinical evaluation will test:

  • Vision (acuity, contrast, depth perception, peripheral vision, visual spatial skills)

  • Cognition (attention, memory, judgement, planning)

  • Movement (coordination, strength, dexterity, range of motion)




The Behind-the-Wheel portion of the evaluation will be completed in one of our provided evaluation vehicles with the necessary adaptive equipment. A processional equipment assessment on which vehicle modification or adaptive equipment would be suitable for each individual client to make driving as safe and comfortable as possible. The evaluation will assess good judgment, reaction time, visual scanning, and safe vehicle operation. This is still only an evaluation and should not be considered a test in any way; we are here for you and simply want to provide you with an assessment of your abilities and what will need to be the focus of training, including any limitations you may be facing.

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